The actual “working” raider…

Posted: June 16, 2011 in General
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This blog is missing one minor detail: who is the Working Raider?  In my first post, I discussed my goals and who I was as a World of Warcraft character.  Now I will get a little personal and describe my life outside of the game as well as my search to create the perfect balance betwen WoW and life…

Not enough hours in the day…

When I first started raiding, back in mid to late vanilla, it was fairly easy to find the time.  I was going to school and working at a supermarket and quite frankly, I often prioritized WoW over these two things.  A lot of that had to do with immaturity but I do not necessarily regret any of it, as these were fun times.  Fast forward to about two years ago, I began my first real job as an Emergency Medical Technician working for a hospital in my area.  Now life was getting hectic and my priorities were getting in order.  It was at this time that I took a step back from the game and reassessed what I wanted to get out of it and out life in general.  Like anyone, I wanted my cake… and boy did it look tasty!  I wanted the best of both worlds: a full time job, a hardcore raiding “career,” a girlfriend,  a life.

I'm not that old... I wasn't that happy either...

I had a misconception in my head.  I did not think it was possible to go anywhere in the raiding scene without making it a part time job.  The best guilds all raided Sun-Thurs for what seemed like 10 hours a day and that was something I simply knew could not be part of my life.  I began working more and more hours and worrying less and less about the game all while wishing I could find a way… some way to make it all possible.

A revelation…

Hours, even days, of forum browsing later, I came across my current guild: Bushido of Kilrogg.  Not only were they well progressed but they were somehow able to do it in only 6 hours per week!  I didn’t get it… I even ignorned it initially thinking it was a hoax.  The funny thing about it was there were many guilds like this one that had somehow eluded me.  Plenty of guilds clearing endgame, all while living normal lives.  When it finally hit me, I was determined to reinvent myself as a working raider.

Today, I am still employed as an EMT.  I am also a part-time Police Officer (hopefully full time soon enough!) and maintain a website for a local golf club.  I have a girlfriend (5 years strong) and a great social life.  All this and more, and Midniyt is sitting happily in iLvl average 360 gear, awaiting 4.2 and The Firelands.

Moving on…

I think I have all of the “required” posts out of the way now.  I talked about my life inside and outside of WoW, went over my goals, and hopefully gave you all a taste of where my mind is at and things to come.  One of my goals, that I have not mentioned yet, is to talk about something different.  There are countless WoW blogs out there, each with it’s own personality and discussions.  Many of them cover the same topics and it would be impossible for me not to follow suit.  However, I will do my best to keep it fresh and keep the posts flying.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter for the latest updates and random ramblings while I’m bored or busy at work!

  1. Gladiola says:

    Thank you so much for adding us to your blogroll! I really enjoy the theme of your blog, as it really resonates with me as a working adult with other responsibilities. Looking forward to future posts and following your “progression,” so to speak!

    • Midniyt says:


      I’m quickly learning that a big part of being a “working raider” with a blog is finding the time to actually sit down and write! More to come soon though, once 4.2 gets goin!

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