Humble Beginnings

Posted: June 14, 2011 in General
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It’s always tough to write something when you’re not entirely sure if anyone is going to read it… I’m going to begin by outlining the goals of this blog and then end with a brief bio of myself and where I’m coming from.

The Working Raider is a concept that I sort of “invented” for myself a little over a year ago and truly defines how I play and enjoy World of Warcraft.  A lot of this stems from joining my current guild, Bushido, back in February of 2010 and the rest comes from working 2 to 3 jobs all while progressing through end-game content.  Nearly every fansite, blog, forum thread, etc. out there is geared towards two types of WoW player: the hardcore raider and the casual gamer.

A Gamer Defined…

The hardcore raider, by my own definition, is a player who devotes 80-90% of his playtime to raiding itself, for several hours each day or night.  The hardcore raider spends the other 20-10% of his time advancing professions, collecting valor, or whatever it is that needs to be done to ensure his raiding experience later in the day will be optimal.

No, that's normal...

The casual gamer can fall into several categories.  He could be older, working or going to class, and really only have time to play for an hour or two a day or maybe only on the weekends.  He could also simply not be interested in raiding or group content and choose to focus his attention on questing, PvP, playing the auction house, etc.  As of late, blizzard has given the casual gamer a lot of attention… and for good reason.  The majority of the player-base does not have time to devote hours upon hours to sitting in one raid instance.

Why should you even read this?

The overall goal or message of this blog is to give some attention to that “middle of the road” group.  We only spend a few hours each week in raid content, but we progress with the best of them and still manage to raise a family, go to work or school, and live normal lives.  This group I have dubbed, “The Working Raider.”

I began by saying it’s difficult to write when you aren’t sure if anyone is going to read.  To this end, I have chosen not to necessarily “map out” the direction of this blog but rather let my readers (if any) take me where they want to go.  While several topics come to mind, it is always more interesting for a reader to read what they want to… read.  This blog exists to allow me to put my thoughts down in some sort of “ink” as well as give my opinions on some hot WoW topics/issues.

Who’s even writing this?

To wrap this up, I’ll just give a quick background on who I am.  I play Midniyt, a Dwarf Resto Shaman on the US realm Kilrogg.  I have been in my guild, Bushido, for a little over a year and as I stated early, my time here served as part of my inspiration for this blog.   Bushido is comprised of working adults ranging in age from early 20’s to… well I don’t think they’d want me to disclose that!  Anyway, while we are not as progressed as the top end guilds, we are slowly eating away at Heroic encounters until the release of 4.2 in a week or so.  What is truly amazing about where we are in our progression (in my opinion) is that we only raid for 6 hours per week: Tues/Thurs nights from 730pm to 1030pm server time.  I believe getting so much done in such a small window of time takes a great deal of maturity, attention to detail, and an overall positive attitude towards what you are setting out to accomplish.  I am not saying that we are the only guild to have ever achieved such a “feat” but I am certainly proud to be part of one that is able to do so.

Midniyt of Kilrogg

To continue about myself, I began playing WoW roughly 2-3 months after Vanilla, raiding through BWL content as a Holy Paladin.  I made it through half of BC playing the same character and eventually rolled a Shaman as enhancement for the remainder of BC.  Wrath brought about the decision to make Midniyt my focus and return to my previous love of healing.  I have remained dedicated to the Resto Shaman class ever since and the majority of my blogging will be from a healing perspective.

I'm in there, I swear...

To conclude, I would like to thank you for reading my wall of text and encourage you to stay tuned for future posts as I can assure you, I plan on being more interesting in the near future.  These first posts are a necessary evil to get the ball rolling and set the tone and I hope I have accomplished just that.

Please feel free to leave any comments, questions, concerns and be sure to follow me on Twitter (@WorkingRaider) for the latest articles.

  1. Oestrus says:

    Hey there,

    I saw you that you were Following me on Twitter, so I figured I would take a look at your blog and find out a bit more about you. I try to get involved with people who take the time to Follow me and such and try to return the favor.

    It’s interesting how you separated the casual player and the raider (from your own definitions). You equated the period of time that raiders spend doing things as “time” and the time that casuals spend doing things as “days.” I raid two days a week and I log on solely to raid. As of 4.2, I will have to start doing some Heroic 5 mans to get more badges coming in, but I don’t plan on spending more time than I have to on these things. So I would like to think that I do things a raider would do, but on a more casual time frame.

    I also know people that are of a more casual mindset, who raid four days a week. I think the definitions of these vary in so many ways and that’s a good thing. It’s easier to not place people in boxes that way. Not that I’m saying you were, but many do and it’s hard not to sometimes.

    I think it’s great to see another blog pop up that emphasizes a more casual mindset and there could be a market for such a thing out there. Consider me a reader, sir!


  2. Midniyt says:

    Heya Oestrus, thanks for checking me out! These definitions, as you would agree, are by no means “set in stone” and are interpreted by each player in their own way. Someone who logs on solely to raid may consider themselves hardcore while another may log on every single day but not step foot it a raid, and consider himself casual. I hope to provide a little something for everyone in this blog as the WoW community has always been and will continue to be large, diverse, and overall an interesting group of people.

    In my next post, I plan on going into the real-life side of me to show readers why I consider myself a middle man and a “Working Raider.” Stay tuned 🙂

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  4. Khadjin says:

    Welcome to the WordPress bloggosphere!
    Really excited to see more resto chams posting out there.

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